Concerts for Schools

Children’s Concerts (for children of primary school age)

„Classic für Kids“

Classical music is definitely not boring! Beethoven was deaf, but still composed tremendous works. Mozart was a child prodigy but also the clown of the music world. You will hear exciting and interesing pieces from years long ago, presented by the Georgian Chamber Orchestra and pupils of the Gnadenthal grammer school. Before the concert, teachers can take part in a seminar and pupils from Gnadenthal grammer school will come and visit your school.

Conductor: Klaus Hoffmann
Idea und concept: Klaus Hoffmann, P-Seminar of the Gnadenthal grammar school
Location: Festsaal, Stadttheater Ingolstadt
Dates: Tuesday, 07. Mai 2024, 09:45 a.m. | Wednesday, 08. Mai 2024, 09:15 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.

Concerts for Young People (5th – 9th school classes)

“Sound waves”

At our youth concert we will cross musical borders and sail with you 200 years back into the past and into foreign countries. In this era, many dances, symponies and nocturnes were written – mysterious, gentle, smooth and heartwarming melodies will greet you. Romantic sounds as well as thrilling movie soundtracks are part of the programme. This concert is a collaboration of the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt and the Symphonic Orchestra and the Upper Secondary Choir of the Gnadenthal grammar school, with 50 musicians on the stage! 

Conductor: Klaus Hoffmann

Location: Festsaal, Stadttheater Ingolstadt

Date: Thursday, 08.02.2024, 10:45 a.m.

School concert inquiry

Fill in the form below to register for a children’s or youth concert with your school class. Please note the number of pupils in the “weitere Hinweise” line if you are planning to visit our concert with more than one class.

Tickets are 6,50€ per pupil. Teachers have free entry.

Important information:

Your registration is effective as soon as you recieve a confirmation email. If you cancel one week before the concert, we will claim a cancellation fee of 50%. Payment is only possible through invoice.

den vorbereitenden Besuch durch OberstufenschülerInnen bei uns in der Schule (Dauer 1-2 Schulstunden)


Watching the orchestra rehearse

In addition to learning about different kinds of concerts, young people also have the opportunity of getting to know more about the job of being a professional musician. How do musicians rehearse? What does the conductor do? These and many more questions will be answered personally on a visit to one of the orchestra rehearsals which are offered to all age groups of school children and last for approximately 45 – 60 minutes. In the case of a dress rehearsal, the time depends on the respective concert programme.

Dates and prices upon request.

Musicians in the classroom

The musicians will also come into school to answer pupils’ questions and to introduce an upcoming subscription concert.  They will talk about their profession and their instruments and deliver musical insight into the life of a musician. This offer is free of charge in conjunction with a booking for a subscription concert.
Dates and prices upon request.

School concert

This is a special offer for any schools that would like to invite a chamber orchestra to their school and enjoy a private concert! Whether it is a trio, a quintet or a full chamber orchestra, the musicians of the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt have some pieces in their repertoire that are especially suitable for a school concert.

Dates and prices upon request.

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